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Fifteen continuous years of regularly scheduled spiritual meetings and gatherings and events, led extemporaneously by spiritual master Bodhisattva Shree Swami Premodaya, are handily catalogued and made available here on Premodaya TV - allowing you to enjoy video and/or audio recordings of Premodaya’s satsangs, darshans, spiritual discourses and other events, with just a click.

In 2003 Premodaya was assigned a mission: “make yourself available to people spiritually”. He instantly understood that this was a Divine command. As a vehicle for implementing this unbidden directive, in 2004 he founded the ‘International Centers of Divine Awakening’ (ICODA) - physical and virtual spiritual centers (non-profit [501{c}3] ) serving any and all spiritual seekers.

Since opening its doors, people have come aged 2 to 93, from 22 separate countries and representing 18 diverse ethnicities and cultures. They’ve experienced capable, effective, and anti-dogmatic direct help to move forward. Most report quick, permanent and dramatic improvements in their lives, relationships, coping, mindfulness, well-being, prosperity, and degree of spiritual awareness - often far beyond their expectations - and even beyond what they ever dared hope.

“You are a unique and precious child of God. Start loving yourself and others accordingly — and Truth will find you, soon enough”. — Swami Premodaya

“You are a unique and precious child of God. Start loving yourself and others accordingly — and Truth will find you, soon enough”. — Swami Premodaya

The organization’s name and locations have changed throughout the years, but ICODA’s powerful wisdom teachings and Swamiji’s life-changing transmissions of Truth and metaphysical actuality, have only gotten clearer and stronger.

Use the dropdown menus to select events to watch or listen to, which are all catalogued chronologically, and year by year. For more information, or to attend any of ICODA’s many events - in person or online - or to learn more about Swami Premodaya’s amazing work with people, we invite you to visit our website:

We love being able to offer you this service for only $20 a month, allowing unlimited access to this expanding catalogue of consciousness-raising material - any time, anywhere. Subscribe using the button below, after subscribing, if you need to make changes or would like to cancel at any time, click “your account”:

We hope you’ll enjoy what Premodaya offers: a radical, unique, and potent blend of East and West, ancient and modern, new and old, and without reference to any religion, philosophy or spiritual theory. He responds directly and unflinchingly to all of the important questions of human life: What’s the meaning of life? Do we have a purpose? What is death? What is eternity? What is infinity? What is reality? Is there actually such a thing as Truth? Why do we feel a conflict between material life and other aspirations? Is a person their body, their mind, or something else? Does God really exist or not, and why is it absolutely not debatable?

“Straight up truth, with no chaser” —ICODA attendee, 2012